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Your messenger is your reminder!

Just send your reminder as a natural language sentence like "Call mom tomorrow" or "Buy flowers evening".

DoitBot creates a reminder and notifies you in time right in your messenger. Don't matter if you use mobile phone, tablet or desktop client.

You won't miss events anymore!
There is a frequently asking questions and answers that help you to use DoitBot daily
How to install DoitBot?
Just click on one of the buttons to add DoitBot to Facebook Messenger, Slack or Telegram.

How to use?
Simply send a text message to DoitBot in natural manner like "Buy flowers tomorrow" or "Call mom".

When to use?
If you have to create a reminder, it is much easier and faster to use DoitBot instead of having a deal with any app or website.
Do my teammates or friends receive a notification?
No, only you. Others don't see your notifications.

Does DoitBot listen for all my conversation?
No, SpyBot receives only a direct messages.

Does DoitBot store my conversations?
No, DoitBot doesn't store any conversations.

How much does it cost?
DoitBot is free to use!
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