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A Slack bot that notifies once teammate becomes on-line
Catch your colleagues instantly for an urgent talk
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How does it work
SpyBot lookups for your teammates when they become active in Slack. And sends you a notification if you have to talk with somebody instantly in live chat or by phone.
How to use
Just add SpyBot to any of your Slack team and then use slash-command like
/catch @teammate
SpyBot will notify you in Slack once a teammate becomes active. It can also remind you the reason why you have to talk with that person.

If you are busy on this moment - just click a "Postpone" button in the notification.
Catch the teammates in time
Use /catch slash command to catch any teammates you interested in. Once they become active in Slack, you get a notification from SpyBot
Define reminder text in /catch slash command to get a notification with appropriate reminder.
Like /catch @matt Talk about work
If you are busy when the notification appears, just click on "Postpone" button, and SpyBot will notify you one you and teammate are both active again.
Add to Slack
There is a frequently asking questions and answers that help you to use SpyBot
How to install SpyBot?
Click on "Add to Slack" button and select a Slack team on the installation page. SpyBot will appear in your team.

How to use?
Use /catch slash command in any channel or direct message. For example /catch @matt

When to use?
If you need to talk with somebody from teammates but they are not online. SpyBot will notify you once they become online.
Does every teammate receive a notification?
No, only you. Others don't see your notifications.

Does teammate know that I'm looking for him?
No, SpyBot doesn't notify your teammate about this.

Does SpyBot listen for all conversation in the channel?
No, SpyBot receives only a direct messages and slash commands.

Does SpyBot store my conversations?
No, SpyBot doesn't store any conversations of your team.

How much does it cost?
SpyBot is free to use!
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