Get relative time shift in different cities. Quickly!
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What for?
Once you have to schedule a meeting at 8pm with somebody from Boston while you are located in London, you can quickly figure out a time difference between two cities without any calculations. Timezoner shows your local time when it is 8pm at Boston and vice versa.
No more timezones pain!
You won't miss urgent meetings anymore!
There is a frequently asking questions and answers that help you to use Timezoner
How to install Timezoner?
Click on "Add to Slack" button and select a Slack team on the installation page. A new slash command /tz becomes available.

How to use?
Use /tz slash command in any channel. For example /tz 8pm boston.

When to use?
If you need to schedule a meeting with somebody from another timezone, it's faster to ask Timezoner to calculate a hour difference to see a relative time between cities.
Does every teammate sees a calculation results?
No, only you. Others don't see Timezoner's output.

Does Timezoner listen for all conversation in the channel?
No, Timezoner receives only a direct slash commands.

Does Timezoner store my conversations?
No, Timezoner doesn't store any conversations of your team.

How much does it cost?
Timezoner is free to use!
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